Table of Contents

Chapter IIntroduction and Methodology1
Chapter IIOverview and Impressions7
Chapter IIIPantheism?15
Chapter IVOne World Religion27
Chapter VSyncretism?37
Chapter VITruth Matters in Theology and Science45
Chapter VIITruth is Not the Enemy53
Chapter VIIISustainability67
Chapter IXThe Principle of Subsidiarity77
Chapter XCollectivism? Liberation Theology?87
Chapter XI"Who Am I to Judge?"101
Chapter XIIInfallibility?111
Chapter XIIIIndividual Action Plan121
Chapter XIVWhere is the Church?133
Chapter XVDisturbing Prayers145
Chapter XVIDear Pope Francis,155
AppendixAGlobal Warming Essay183
AppendixBKalama Water Poverty Project185
AppendixCSuggested Reading191
AppendixDWord Index for Laudato Si'193
AppendixFRelevant Links203