About the Front Cover

Ref: Canticle of Daniel; Chapter 3: Verse 54

“Bless the Lord, all things that grow on the earth,

sing praise to Him and highly exalt Him for ever.”

Half a Dialogue Book cover 2

The picture on the front cover is of a ‘green growie’
pushing itself through barriers
erected by mankind for utilitarian purposes.
Yet it still pursues the sunlight; it still achieves its purpose.
It has a hopefulness for the environment.
It is hopefulness.
Although it may be nothing special
in the horticultural world,
it goes about the purposes for which it was created.

So, too, in contemplating this feat of nature,
we gain confidence that the world
is still in the hands of God,
even when the hands of humans fail.
It is the promise of life.

It is easy to identify with the ‘green growie’ in this writing.
With all the barriers in life,
other priorities, inertia, concerns and uncertainties,
when we nevertheless respond
to God’s invitation into the sunshine of serving Him,
to do what He has called to be done,
we push through what seems to impede any movement,
and accomplish His Work with sureness of purpose.

The rest is up to how God chooses to use, or not to use,
our obedience to His Call.